Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, and hatred leads to violence.
This is the equation
- Averroes

Our philosophy

Why Averroes ?

Because we doesn't only invest money. We invest more than time, which is more valuable than money. While startups spend their time building their product and strategy we come along the way and help support them by exposing them to our vast network of connections which help turn a strategic foundation into a reality. We understand this region's in and outs and we have the connections which ease the way and make the hard, easy and the slow, fast. Furthermore, our team has more than 150 years of global business experience in a multitude of sectors at your disposal.

Mohamed El Sewedy

Chairman & General Partner

Ahmed A. AlSharif

CEO & General Partner

Farouk Kadous

BDO & General Partner

Nader Ibrahim

General Partner
Our portfolio




Brings innovation to trucking with On-Demand Aggregation in Real-Time : 100% Automated Booking, Real-Time Tracking of Trucks...



A food logistics company using technology. The company bakes daily and delivers fresh products everyday to their customers' doorsteps.





Farouk Kaddous

Unicorns are the result of..

When Masayoshi Son invested $20 million in Alibaba back in 2000 he had nothing, but a raw vision and some capital. This combination of vision and capital (visionary capital) has bred one of the most successful investments in history. Masa’s payday? $90 billion dollars! Take your time to calculate the ROI! 4,500 % . It’s however, extremely important to notice that Masa wasn’t the only beneficiary, but there were thousands if not millions of people who benefited from Alibaba’s presence. Customers, employees, business owners, investors, communities, industries, etc. This is all the effect of someone who had... See more

Farouk Kaddous

Is “Free”, Really “Free” ?

Walking down my university campus I occasionally see a long line of happy individuals waiting sometimes for free burgers, free pizza, or free cookies, seeing them, what do I usually do? Like a sane individual I stand in line to take my fair share. If you have been on college campuses around the country you understand the power of “free food”. Free food isn’t just free food, it’s actually a social club’s soft power, one may argue. It’s a way to lure students to join the student clubs even if was for only a moment or two, also known as a bite or two. It can also be a way of marketing a student club’s work and initiatives... See more


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